Friday, 16 December 2011

5 month

 This is my 5 month baby picture showing his head,body,hand and leg hehehe

New Life

Yesterday when i was ready to go bed i first time feeling baby kicking/swimming in stomach. The feeling was weird but good. I asked alan to come and he showed me shocked excited and happy face, really made me laughed out. My baby now was more active during night compare to day. I wish to see his footprint soon ( around 6-7 month when the time baby grow fastest) as i got learned some game to interact with him.

Now i'm everyday stay at home, sleep, eat, relaxing. Conditions was better compared to the last 2-4 months. Tummy also getting bigger, doctor adviced me not to eat too much as worry the baby will get giant and need to operate. We plan to go for natural give birth.Actually me and his sister in law were pregnant almost the same time. So next year we will have two new members. I got lotsa time now and i will try to look for things to do at home. Sometimes i miss my old times when i still working. I miss my OL uniform which i can't fit in now >.<

Thanks him for taking care me and accompany me all the times. Honestly he was the best man i ever met. He never really get mad at me even i did a huge mistakes. I'm the one who always made him heart broken but he still there willing to support me no matter what happened. He is very important to me and baby. I can't lose him at any price. I want to hold his hand to watch our children grow and till we old. Thanks for giving me a simple but perfect life.

Monday, 13 June 2011

New Job!

just went for an interview at an accounting firm nearby my house and i'm now working for that company.
 I'm glad that the work place just nearby my house.  Good luck Shirley !

Beijing ( 01.06~05.06 )

I'm back to blog world again hehehe, this entry i'm going to blog about my beijing trip. 5 Days 4 night, altho it's short but i had lotsa fun.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunny Morning

I got so much fun played at states here, frankly i miss malaysia alot, my family, friend, food, pet, weather etc ect~~

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Owesome Manhattan

This is the 2nd weekend i'm living in states. we only go out on weekend becoz his sister was busy working.

On first weekend, we went to macy, ikea, Target and Times Square. I'm gonna said that new york city very pretty and cool in night view. Can see many tall and owesome building around and they have a undersea tunnel to manhattan ny. dam cool man !

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Hate long way flight !

Frankly i dam suffer while on flight to USA. First we boarding from KLIA to Taiwan like 4 n half hour then had 1 night stay at Novotel ( frankly the room dam nice, pretty decorate and 5 star service) after that we had a 7 hours flight to anchorage,alaska for transit and last we took around 6 hour flight to reach JFK ny. I reaally feel not comfortable when on flight for so long...the lips dry, body pain, and not really like the food provided. While on flight, we can only watch movie , listen music and read newspaper. The activities was limited. Now i really happy with the decision we stay up few months here, at least i will fly again after few month times ^^

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Journey to the West~

I'm leaving Malaysia at 3rd of Jan noon. The flight dam expensive is like 10k for 2*wth*. We taking ChinaAirline and we have a night stop at Taiwan then from there we take a 13 hours flight to John F. Kennerdy airport NY. I plan to take some shopping during Taiwan day if the time allow ^^

Frankly, I'm not really excited at all just like i did for visa interview. The consular at Embassy just as strict as the one at port of entry NY. I passed through the interview at Embassy doesn't mean i can both pass through the gate of NY. Well, the chance of getting their was higher since we are going to visit sister and honeymoon at Hawaii... anyway i just prepared well myself and wait to fly~

Just took angpow from alan's mother, she giving us dollar like 50 and she wish us yat lou shun fung ^^....wahahah...

Im started to pack the stuff, 2 big luggage but seems can't fit all my things for 4 months. The winter coat just so stuffy and take space. I'm abit worry the food and weather. Read news that NY having serious snow storm, which affected the flight, tranport and all. Perhaps when we reach there, everything much better.

Almost everything here is settle left the boutique stuff need find a time to discuss.

Actually i never plan to go Hawaii, that was suggested by alan, he said want honeymoon there since it's a good timing we just got married.

Oh ya talk about the bridal shoot. Early morning 24/12/10 friday we reach the studio at 9am and start to make up till 11am. We actually no plan to where to take our photo, and just suddenly think of lake, farm and waterfall and decided to go hulu yam and putrajaya which have lotsa nice building.

At first we were quite worried about the mua and photographer which is from local malaysia. After the shooting day, we totally satisfied with the result, the make up, gown and shooting was nice. This is much better than i expected. I had choose photo at monday 27/12/10 and the outcome was perfect. Couldn't wait to see the actual album ^^I'm happy that the girl very helpful in choosing dress, giving advice and the giving me extra gift card for my wedding. Really appreciated all things that happened on me.

A year end soon, i hope next year i could do my favourite things. No more 9am - 5pm works ^^ ( ya i know i'm of girl like to dream^^) but hope it's come true...hehe.
We plan have baby after chinese wedding ceremony. Anyway that still quite far from now. Don't think the past, the future, just do the best for present ^^...wish everyone Merry Xmas & Happy New Year...let's send the tiger away , welcome the rabbit year ~

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Think Too Much !!

I finally made up mind and resigned from my job...

I'm going to USA this coming January and plan to come back at early of company not allow to take up so many days of unpaid..circumstance required me to do so.

My last day at 7 Jan and i'm flying at 13/14 1 week for me to pack stuff and arrange all things.

3 month is not long but also not short, got many things need to arrange before leaving kl..need send coco to mom's place, get winter coat, upgrade cc limit (hehe, just called to UOB request for a 10k limit, bravo !), bridal shoot.....and many more...

This coming 24 i will go for bridal shoot, already had some idea where to go for shoot, blue sky...sunset...=) i have to settle the stuff before leaving KL....choose gown, photo,etc..

We got china airline ticket cost 4k+ for each.

KLIA - Taipei (overnight) - John Kennerdy
Honolulu - Taipei (overnight) - KLIA

Never been to Taiwan, we got 1 day stop at Taiwan, the airline so good provided 1 night stay for us. We plan to visit alan's sister and her family and traveling in USA. While staying at her sister place, alan will help her sister in software and she got assign me some simple task. Last stop will be at Hawaii for pre-honeymoon. Never dream of one day can go to Hawaii, like never think before. If at the port of entry of USA no problem, everything will go smooth. I'm just worried the consular at USA poe will denied us for entry since we are so yooung...too much to worried ><

If the USA trip go smooth, May will back to Malaysia and i'm jobless><. Will have more time for wedding preparation and after wedding will head to China Beijing for a vacation.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Ignore Me Post !

resign...not resign....resign....not resign....
Damn annoying !!!!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

New make up collection

I'm not hiring Mua for my ROM, therefore i'm going to make up at my own. Had renew and add in lotsa make up to my collection. I got redeem 600 robinson voucher from company and bought perfume for myself and alan..and every200 i spent i got additional voucher of 15 from robinson...i used the voucher purchased benefits make up. I'm totally super satisfied with the benefits make up. I love them alot. I think i will try other benefit stuff soon...first their packaging are awesome...sooo cute and 2nd the outcome really look good. Below are the goodies i bought recently.

All item above RM5 only from a new opening shop in Sg wang...

I have try and love the rossy smell~

Kate 5 color eye shadow palette...this was recommended from a taiwan blogger...the color really looks nice ^^

Recommended from sasa girl...last time was using liquid concealer and i think the coverage soso only. This new concealer really does cover my dark circle and some of my acne scar ^^

Compact powder also recommended from sasa girl. The texture still ok.

Previously i was using skin79. I can tell that everytime after i use skin79 bb cream, will pop pimples ! this is crazy. The cream made my face looks oily everytime after applied because i don't want to waste it since it's a large bottle, i keep using it until i cannot tahan and i switch to Dr.G. I have read through lotsa feedback about this product, most of them said this bb cream good. I trying my luck again, i worried this cream again doesn't suit me...but really never regret to buy this. Dr. G. not as oily as skin79, the cream easily to apply over the face and i started to use sponge to apply . The colour was darker than skin79 but after 5-6 minutes the cream will started to match my skin color and last time skin79 will made my skin looks darker after few hour but Dr G gave me a positive outcome. After i finish this i will go after Dr. G. ^^.. I bought together the peeling gel, becoz it was promotion together with the bb cream.
Eye shadow base from MAC also recommended from my lovely taiwanese blogger. This eye base can help to cover the yellowish eye lid like mine and made easily apply eye shadow. Great ^^

Eye brow dye..
Hair cream..
Perfume for him
My top 1 rated perfume ^^

I had try powder type and cream type blusher and i never thought that in the end i will fall for this liquid type blusher. Just need to apply 2-3 dots on cheek and blend with fingertips. The blush looks natural and stay long for whole day. Previously im using powder type blusher which will made my face turn out darker after few hours. I really like this blusher alot. really ^^

This recommended from the sales girl. Tinted moiturizer. I heard ppl saying about this but never know and how it work. Finally today i know how it work. This tint moiturizer work well together with the bb cream that give complexion coverage, moiture & SPF. Before apply bb cream just apply a layer first as base of bb cream. This product working will enchance the skin looks bright. Last time if only apply bb cream, the face sure will turn out darker after 1-2 hour, now after apply this, the face never go dark side. Although this small tube really cosy but im satisfied and no regret.

Free gift from benefits, havent try but i knew it's good ^^ ( i had try on their counter)
That's all for my new make up collection ^^

Saturday, 18 September 2010

IKEA we LOVE you !

A week after back from shanghai, we renovate our second room (orginal is alan's brother room) to be a small living + work + entertain room.

We did it in just 1 week time. My bedroom now became bigger and simple after remove all furniture. Now bedroom left the bed, bedside table (new) and a make up table (new). We paint wall last friday (10 sept) until sat and remove unwanted furniture to old house at cheras. Spent about 8 hours hunting and planning furniture at IKEA on sunday, end up with big figure again spent on furniture. We bought sofa, lightings, book shelf, make up table, bedside table, rugs and few more things...although spent alot but very satisfied with the outcome. We also got a new LCD tv to light up the room ^^Still looking for 2 more ceiling fan and everything will complete.

Really spent gao gao this month...alan was working hard on his project and he got a part time business from his brother. I wish i can help him instead spend again like water...past 2 month i started drinking the collagen drink until now...damn exp every bottle cost almost RM10 each and need to drink continuos for the fisrt 1-6 days and later every 2 day drink 1 bottle. My pimple skin really got better and i really really damn happpy my pimple stop coming...and im waiting the flawless skin result hehe...

Hangzhou, Shanghai

Trip start from 29 Aug 10 sat until 3 sept 10.
First day we drove from house to alan's bro's house and he later fetched us to LCCT. Bad things was happened when we were onboard. The food we had pre-ordered was finished and we had forced to eat noodle in cup, what a bad service AA had and made me so moody...but now i felt really st2pid i got emo becoz of this small matter....not worth to spoil my holidayz coz of before landing my mood had better becoz i had a conversation with a shanghai girl next to me and she sharing lotsa info about shanghai to me ^^

So it's a 5 days 4 night trip,the trip consist 26 tourist penang and kl and 2 local tour guide. First day from hangzhou - suzhou, next day suzhou to wuxi, wuxi to shanghai, shanghai towuzhen, wuzhen to hangzhou. Schedule damn packed everyday, woke up early morning at 6.30and start our journey at 8 sharp after breakfast. The weather for first 2 day were excellent,almost rainy day for other time. I can said that our tour was a happy shopping tour.Almost everyone a prof shopholic. Every station we stop sure can see everyone holding big bag small bag ....really a funny scene.

Included the flight, tips, shopping, we had spent almost few k...bought a set of silk pillow and comforter, cheongsam, bag (this time got 3) felt satisfied ^^, some deco, some wine for wedding and souvenir. Really enjoy shopping there but very broke ....haha i knew after back from there sure eat make up for entire month .

Everythings went smooth and we return to home safely ^^. Next station most probable will be china again if i can get cheap fare.