Saturday, 18 September 2010

Hangzhou, Shanghai

Trip start from 29 Aug 10 sat until 3 sept 10.
First day we drove from house to alan's bro's house and he later fetched us to LCCT. Bad things was happened when we were onboard. The food we had pre-ordered was finished and we had forced to eat noodle in cup, what a bad service AA had and made me so moody...but now i felt really st2pid i got emo becoz of this small matter....not worth to spoil my holidayz coz of before landing my mood had better becoz i had a conversation with a shanghai girl next to me and she sharing lotsa info about shanghai to me ^^

So it's a 5 days 4 night trip,the trip consist 26 tourist penang and kl and 2 local tour guide. First day from hangzhou - suzhou, next day suzhou to wuxi, wuxi to shanghai, shanghai towuzhen, wuzhen to hangzhou. Schedule damn packed everyday, woke up early morning at 6.30and start our journey at 8 sharp after breakfast. The weather for first 2 day were excellent,almost rainy day for other time. I can said that our tour was a happy shopping tour.Almost everyone a prof shopholic. Every station we stop sure can see everyone holding big bag small bag ....really a funny scene.

Included the flight, tips, shopping, we had spent almost few k...bought a set of silk pillow and comforter, cheongsam, bag (this time got 3) felt satisfied ^^, some deco, some wine for wedding and souvenir. Really enjoy shopping there but very broke ....haha i knew after back from there sure eat make up for entire month .

Everythings went smooth and we return to home safely ^^. Next station most probable will be china again if i can get cheap fare.

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