Thursday, 12 August 2010

SUPRISE !!!!!!

I really got suprise by him!

This morning was a unusual morning....
we went breakfast as normal...when i wanted to get down from car...
suddenly he took out a gift box ( from btm of his seat) and inside was a diamond sweet a propose necklace...really gave me lotsa suprise...i think the suprise end here..NO ! by almost end of the working office receptionist call and ask me go 19 fl take my parcel...and i keep thinking i din't order anything how cum got parcel for me..? When i enter 19 floor, the girl and other ppl around keep look at me...and i saw a big bunch of flower on the chair, the girl said that's my parcel...OMG...soooooo big ! I rmb i got double confirm with the girl again is the flower really for me?...yes it's mine ...i read the card was from ALANz with some words ...
got 108 flowers...the number have meaning in it...i really feel touching when i hug the flower ...and suprise me again...really really had a unforgetful day..thx my love..


  1. Aww so sweet of Alanz <3 You're sure 1 lucky girl hehe

  2. ahaha...ur blog long time no update ha ! fast fast update hehe