Saturday, 18 September 2010

IKEA we LOVE you !

A week after back from shanghai, we renovate our second room (orginal is alan's brother room) to be a small living + work + entertain room.

We did it in just 1 week time. My bedroom now became bigger and simple after remove all furniture. Now bedroom left the bed, bedside table (new) and a make up table (new). We paint wall last friday (10 sept) until sat and remove unwanted furniture to old house at cheras. Spent about 8 hours hunting and planning furniture at IKEA on sunday, end up with big figure again spent on furniture. We bought sofa, lightings, book shelf, make up table, bedside table, rugs and few more things...although spent alot but very satisfied with the outcome. We also got a new LCD tv to light up the room ^^Still looking for 2 more ceiling fan and everything will complete.

Really spent gao gao this month...alan was working hard on his project and he got a part time business from his brother. I wish i can help him instead spend again like water...past 2 month i started drinking the collagen drink until now...damn exp every bottle cost almost RM10 each and need to drink continuos for the fisrt 1-6 days and later every 2 day drink 1 bottle. My pimple skin really got better and i really really damn happpy my pimple stop coming...and im waiting the flawless skin result hehe...

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