Sunday, 24 October 2010

New make up collection

I'm not hiring Mua for my ROM, therefore i'm going to make up at my own. Had renew and add in lotsa make up to my collection. I got redeem 600 robinson voucher from company and bought perfume for myself and alan..and every200 i spent i got additional voucher of 15 from robinson...i used the voucher purchased benefits make up. I'm totally super satisfied with the benefits make up. I love them alot. I think i will try other benefit stuff soon...first their packaging are awesome...sooo cute and 2nd the outcome really look good. Below are the goodies i bought recently.

All item above RM5 only from a new opening shop in Sg wang...

I have try and love the rossy smell~

Kate 5 color eye shadow palette...this was recommended from a taiwan blogger...the color really looks nice ^^

Recommended from sasa girl...last time was using liquid concealer and i think the coverage soso only. This new concealer really does cover my dark circle and some of my acne scar ^^

Compact powder also recommended from sasa girl. The texture still ok.

Previously i was using skin79. I can tell that everytime after i use skin79 bb cream, will pop pimples ! this is crazy. The cream made my face looks oily everytime after applied because i don't want to waste it since it's a large bottle, i keep using it until i cannot tahan and i switch to Dr.G. I have read through lotsa feedback about this product, most of them said this bb cream good. I trying my luck again, i worried this cream again doesn't suit me...but really never regret to buy this. Dr. G. not as oily as skin79, the cream easily to apply over the face and i started to use sponge to apply . The colour was darker than skin79 but after 5-6 minutes the cream will started to match my skin color and last time skin79 will made my skin looks darker after few hour but Dr G gave me a positive outcome. After i finish this i will go after Dr. G. ^^.. I bought together the peeling gel, becoz it was promotion together with the bb cream.
Eye shadow base from MAC also recommended from my lovely taiwanese blogger. This eye base can help to cover the yellowish eye lid like mine and made easily apply eye shadow. Great ^^

Eye brow dye..
Hair cream..
Perfume for him
My top 1 rated perfume ^^

I had try powder type and cream type blusher and i never thought that in the end i will fall for this liquid type blusher. Just need to apply 2-3 dots on cheek and blend with fingertips. The blush looks natural and stay long for whole day. Previously im using powder type blusher which will made my face turn out darker after few hours. I really like this blusher alot. really ^^

This recommended from the sales girl. Tinted moiturizer. I heard ppl saying about this but never know and how it work. Finally today i know how it work. This tint moiturizer work well together with the bb cream that give complexion coverage, moiture & SPF. Before apply bb cream just apply a layer first as base of bb cream. This product working will enchance the skin looks bright. Last time if only apply bb cream, the face sure will turn out darker after 1-2 hour, now after apply this, the face never go dark side. Although this small tube really cosy but im satisfied and no regret.

Free gift from benefits, havent try but i knew it's good ^^ ( i had try on their counter)
That's all for my new make up collection ^^

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