Saturday, 15 January 2011

Owesome Manhattan

This is the 2nd weekend i'm living in states. we only go out on weekend becoz his sister was busy working.

On first weekend, we went to macy, ikea, Target and Times Square. I'm gonna said that new york city very pretty and cool in night view. Can see many tall and owesome building around and they have a undersea tunnel to manhattan ny. dam cool man !

I had browsed through the webby and i found that items like bobbi brown, benefits, estee, coach and was the budgeted brand for local citizen here. A tote in coach only cost like 200~400 here, and recently i fell for benefits cosmetic product, i love the packaging and the description on it and i found that a fullset eye palette only selling at 32-40 usd while in msia the product selling for 175- 225 dam pricy. I planning to get a new cam but i don't know alan allowing or not coz my current 1 still looks new and fine ^^ that time we went shopping i see the camera selling was cheap too.

We bought lotsa clothes for winter and spent like 300 for both. I bought a dress from 4ver 21 for 19.88, kl sure selling for 129 or higher...

I've been thinking what's next after this holiday....go back for wedding then i need to find new job? We had a long plan to apply on working and living. All things will be decided after Jun. i need to plan what i need and want for future...I need to schedule a retire plan. to achieve the goal, more effort is needed...

we going to celebrate john's birthday tonite in a jap buffet shop more pic will come later ,his parent will come over from other states too. I'm just finished lunch, going out to market soon..

p/s: Aya happy birthday, wish you all the best, and no matter what happen u still have us and ur family be with u , to support u ^^ take good care!!

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