Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunny Morning

I got so much fun played at states here, frankly i miss malaysia alot, my family, friend, food, pet, weather etc ect~~

My meal for the entire 4 months almost everyday is japanese food and korean food. I love korean pancake and hot tofu pot. I've been try greek food and italian food too. During winter time there's really not much activity to do, either shopping indoor or online shopping. When the weather gettting better, like now spring, we can shopping outdoor and visit famous place.

Wedding coming soon, but it seems so much thing not done yet. After Hawaii trip left 20 days for us to prepare all wedding things, hope that everything gonna be fine. So much decision have to make after wedding, life, path, job...i really not good in making decision but my advisor surely will give me a right answer ^^

Anyway i'm thinking to change a blogskin....i gonna go search for good looking skin right now....more updates will post here...soon or later...

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