Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Think Too Much !!

I finally made up mind and resigned from my job...

I'm going to USA this coming January and plan to come back at early of May...my company not allow to take up so many days of unpaid..circumstance required me to do so.

My last day at 7 Jan and i'm flying at 13/14 Jan...got 1 week for me to pack stuff and arrange all things.

3 month is not long but also not short, got many things need to arrange before leaving kl..need send coco to mom's place, get winter coat, upgrade cc limit (hehe, just called to UOB request for a 10k limit, bravo !), bridal shoot.....and many more...

This coming 24 i will go for bridal shoot, already had some idea where to go for shoot, blue sky...sunset...=) i have to settle the stuff before leaving KL....choose gown, photo,etc..

We got china airline ticket cost 4k+ for each.

KLIA - Taipei (overnight) - John Kennerdy
Honolulu - Taipei (overnight) - KLIA

Never been to Taiwan, we got 1 day stop at Taiwan, the airline so good provided 1 night stay for us. We plan to visit alan's sister and her family and traveling in USA. While staying at her sister place, alan will help her sister in software and she got assign me some simple task. Last stop will be at Hawaii for pre-honeymoon. Never dream of one day can go to Hawaii, like never think before. If at the port of entry of USA no problem, everything will go smooth. I'm just worried the consular at USA poe will denied us for entry since we are so yooung...too much to worried ><

If the USA trip go smooth, May will back to Malaysia and i'm jobless><. Will have more time for wedding preparation and after wedding will head to China Beijing for a vacation.

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