Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Journey to the West~

I'm leaving Malaysia at 3rd of Jan noon. The flight dam expensive is like 10k for 2*wth*. We taking ChinaAirline and we have a night stop at Taiwan then from there we take a 13 hours flight to John F. Kennerdy airport NY. I plan to take some shopping during Taiwan day if the time allow ^^

Frankly, I'm not really excited at all just like i did for visa interview. The consular at Embassy just as strict as the one at port of entry NY. I passed through the interview at Embassy doesn't mean i can both pass through the gate of NY. Well, the chance of getting their was higher since we are going to visit sister and honeymoon at Hawaii... anyway i just prepared well myself and wait to fly~

Just took angpow from alan's mother, she giving us dollar like 50 and she wish us yat lou shun fung ^^....wahahah...

Im started to pack the stuff, 2 big luggage but seems can't fit all my things for 4 months. The winter coat just so stuffy and take space. I'm abit worry the food and weather. Read news that NY having serious snow storm, which affected the flight, tranport and all. Perhaps when we reach there, everything much better.

Almost everything here is settle left the boutique stuff need find a time to discuss.

Actually i never plan to go Hawaii, that was suggested by alan, he said want honeymoon there since it's a good timing we just got married.

Oh ya talk about the bridal shoot. Early morning 24/12/10 friday we reach the studio at 9am and start to make up till 11am. We actually no plan to where to take our photo, and just suddenly think of lake, farm and waterfall and decided to go hulu yam and putrajaya which have lotsa nice building.

At first we were quite worried about the mua and photographer which is from local malaysia. After the shooting day, we totally satisfied with the result, the make up, gown and shooting was nice. This is much better than i expected. I had choose photo at monday 27/12/10 and the outcome was perfect. Couldn't wait to see the actual album ^^I'm happy that the girl very helpful in choosing dress, giving advice and the giving me extra gift card for my wedding. Really appreciated all things that happened on me.

A year end soon, i hope next year i could do my favourite things. No more 9am - 5pm works ^^ ( ya i know i'm of girl like to dream^^) but hope it's come true...hehe.
We plan have baby after chinese wedding ceremony. Anyway that still quite far from now. Don't think the past, the future, just do the best for present ^^...wish everyone Merry Xmas & Happy New Year...let's send the tiger away , welcome the rabbit year ~

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