Friday, 16 December 2011

New Life

Yesterday when i was ready to go bed i first time feeling baby kicking/swimming in stomach. The feeling was weird but good. I asked alan to come and he showed me shocked excited and happy face, really made me laughed out. My baby now was more active during night compare to day. I wish to see his footprint soon ( around 6-7 month when the time baby grow fastest) as i got learned some game to interact with him.

Now i'm everyday stay at home, sleep, eat, relaxing. Conditions was better compared to the last 2-4 months. Tummy also getting bigger, doctor adviced me not to eat too much as worry the baby will get giant and need to operate. We plan to go for natural give birth.Actually me and his sister in law were pregnant almost the same time. So next year we will have two new members. I got lotsa time now and i will try to look for things to do at home. Sometimes i miss my old times when i still working. I miss my OL uniform which i can't fit in now >.<

Thanks him for taking care me and accompany me all the times. Honestly he was the best man i ever met. He never really get mad at me even i did a huge mistakes. I'm the one who always made him heart broken but he still there willing to support me no matter what happened. He is very important to me and baby. I can't lose him at any price. I want to hold his hand to watch our children grow and till we old. Thanks for giving me a simple but perfect life.

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