Thursday, 11 March 2010


After work, we terus go TS to get movie ticket, dinner and plan to shop in lowyat.
Arrived, we attempt to get ticket at lvl 1 counter, but the staff told us couldn't find purchase record in system, they ask us to move up 3rd floor to check again. The staff at 3rd floor also told us the same thing, i had given them the confirmation number and even the CC also they couldn't trace the record. Fine, then i started gan jeong how cum canot find...meng meng i purchased the ticket online and they don't have the purchase record? finally my iphone 'dang cheong' , we get the confirmation email sent from GSC and show to them, they called up to the higher mng team, then the manager came out and told us the hall have been cancelled due to some function, therefore they free upgrade us to premiere really a surprise...1st time visit to premiere with free =D (Still paid RM7.50 lo)
The movie not bad...but quite long...made me abit sleepy(due to tiredness, too comfy, or boring?) I wanted to watched Alice in wonderland 1, but alan want watch Confucious, so i have plan next week watch Alice =D


  1. i Wan watch alice in wonderland oso . =]

  2. aya we 2 very rajin update 1...only zon'blog fill with spider web =X wed go alice movie...i need check place dulu~

  3. Imagine last time she's on holiday also no time to update, I think now no need to hope for any updates from her edi lol