Monday, 8 March 2010

Joyee Birthday

Around 7.30pm, i wanted to start blogging about joyee's birthday but i felt the header being disgusting and finally i done a new header which i wanted for so long ago.....=D the header will keep update depend on the photos i have...really thanks to myself hardwork...*hug* myself tight tight ^_^

Let's start about joyee's bday. I thought we are the slowest to reach but not....there's still kl ppl whos slower than us... reached joyee's house around 9, having sg mihun while alan ate fried rice...
before i forget about this thing, i would like to officially annouce here that i started to eat vege same like more pork..zhu yuk, gai pa, ikan,ayam, lembu, kambing...say No to all this =D
Picture time...less but not least...
Wish her a wonderful 21st i see myself so old d...OMGosh...

Iphone have new update from OS 3.0 to OS 3.1. More features added on application part..
I love my iphone alot...banyak suka...i'm now totally a iphone fans. I love the appearance, touch screen, the way i hold it, the call, speedy msger, banyak app to dl, ipod and games ! alan love iphone too and i wish he could get 1 as his phone chan chan dei now...but heard that 4g coming? not sure about it is true or not...but i wish 4g can come and he can get 1 =D
Looking at my header will make me think of the old times...really memorable =D

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