Sunday, 6 January 2008

Zicky's birthday on 7 jan but he celebrate earlier on sat night . Emm, the most fun part was camwhore with zon and aya =D and also the card games . The food was delicious. That day i drink 1 can of beer and is very very difficult to drink.

We take sooo many picture on this backgroud and everyone was blaming us taking so many picture but who care ! actually we just take so little la ><, it looks like we take alot picture becoz switching 3 camera to take a same post lo...haha
Zon, Joyee, Zicky, & Shirley

Zon...u know how much i want grab u home? i lack of someone to cook for me, clean my room for me, clean toilet for me....i sooo want u to follow me home...u know?

Very yao yeng geh alan and looks cool geh shirley =p

We are weee rrrrrrrr..... 4 in Love !!! LoLx
Everyone said me and joyee look alike, emm i think some part we looks same like the smile, and nose. geezz but she fairer than me alot =D

Someone want challenge me ? Fast !! Pick up ur phone now and call 012-94xx5x30. Grand prize - 3 day 2 night Honeymoon package at Sunway Inn !!
3 Option ! 1. Calsberg 2. Card 3. Me....which one u want?

Hou blur oh this 3 picture, but must said nice ler, if not i will kena bunuh><
4 Jan
I took this picture when the mother was sleeping but the babies were drinking milk. This was the looks of babies after the second day they born. They still looks like a blood clots and 2 black dot on eye part.

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