Saturday, 12 January 2008

Wednesday my office have a birthday party for Cynthia and John. My office have a custom style that every month will gather all birthday gal&boy and celebrate together. Will collect rm10 from everyone and spend a lunch , cake and card for them. This month we celebrate at Nando's. Quite nice the food there and also expensive>< After lunch we return to office and around 5.45pm we cut cake and giving the bday card to them.

Cynthia, Angel and Me~

My senior exe.

Cynthia and John cut cake ( mango cake hao hao chi~) The 1st right was my Assist. Manager, she very nice to everyone and she is the one who interview me =D

My office view. Just 1/4 of the whole floor><

My working table. Quite messy coz alot done paper havent boxed up>< I hate the pc, it's so slow and slow and slow!! Everytime when i click faster will hang...damm..

Doing same jobs with me. June. She help me alot and a nice girl.

Mother saw me==

This is the picture after 9 days they born. They start growing feather and 1 of them eat food and not milk! I so suprise when i saw the babies holding a piece of food and chewing it slowly, wasted i din't took the picture . Got 2 white colour, 2 black and 1 white mix black. They looks so cute and i feel want to touch them. Later in the morning i will clean the room and that time i got chance to touch and feel the young baby.

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