Monday, 21 January 2008

Last thursday went to Greenbox at Sg. Wang to celebrate Paul's birthday. Me, ka ban, and paul reach earlier than others 3 who on the way come to join us. 30 bucks is quite worth for a buffet dinner and k song. I sing alot jolin's song and i think is terrible since i so long never k song. Around 8.30, they others 3 reached. We sing and camwhore nonstop. Before leave , 1 of us join mini games held by greenbox and win a wine. It's a games, who fastest make the balloon boom then he's the winner. lolz. Paul whos actually should join the game but he don't want, so yong hong join it. We leave at 11.30pm and still saw some ppl at reception ask for room, so late still got ppl come for k song><
Mini games started
Yum Seng~
This is the gift from my aunt. I thought that i will not suprise about the gift becoz i know it, and i always saw it when i working at estee, but when i open the box and slowly take it out, really canot imagine how happy i am. It's all new and sooo pretty. Although i always open the box and let customer to check the stock but this time this is mine! I love it alot and i ng se tak to use it. Thanks alot~
Yesterday me, alan, zick, garry and hel went to lin seng for badminton. We reach about 5.30pm and play until 7.30pm. It's use alot energy to play, my hand and leg feel pain, but this time i got improve and know the correct way to play. Last time i dun really like to play coz i don't know play. After that, we went to fetch Joyee from work and head to ABC for dinner. 11pm finish chat and feh sui.

Hamster Report
Aiks, 5 kidz left 4 now. Got 1 eaten by the mom and half head gone !!! All this cause by alan who give soooo lilttle food for 5 of them and they suffer for 16 hours with the limited food. I think the mom terpaksa eat 1 of them to reduce the others hungryness. Luckily i din't saw the half head gone hamster, if not i will terpengsan ><

Puppy Report
We named our puppy Lucky=.= i know it's very out but very shun hou to call. Just visit him last sat and the girl said he still got a lil bit cough , still need go for last injection. But she said his cough is become better and curing. Hopefully this weekend can bring him home. Already 2 week we bought Lucky but still can't take him home coz of his sickness. Hope he faster cure and back to homeee.

Still thinking where to go this CNY. I planning to go Sunway Lagoon since no need overnight and i long time din't go smr it's cheaper than others place. This year i think i might can fullfill my wants travel to HK and Bangkok. Alan's mom said want to go HK end of the year and his dad said go Bangkok and nt sure the date. OMG really lucky. All place i planning to go , his family wanted to go too=D This coming march might go to KK or Kuching coz his dad say got free rooms there and want to visit.

Last saturday went to Maison with zon, aya, yoke chin and stephy. That day mainly was to celebrate aya's birthday. Zon come fetch me and we reached maison around 12am and maison soo lilttle ppl. The sofa seat usually will full of ppl but that day not. Smr the stage got 2 ppl dance only=.= At first we scan the place and planning to change place but last we stayed at maison coz the ppl was slowly increasing. Aya's friend spend us drinks and we dance nearby the stage. That night was terrible. The stage full of man and no space for lady to go up=.=even got man ajak to go up the stage, go up = song sei, who will dare go up the stage=.= full of wolf. Yum cha at 4am and back to homee.

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