Sunday, 27 January 2008

Yesterday got work until 6pm and went JJ to shop. Reach zon's party at 10pm. I thought we were da latest to reached but not, aya lagi lambat Lolx. Party was fun and we played game. it's a game called ' 007 Piang !' it's fun but liquor was worst. I drunk when drink da pure one. Laughing all the way back to home and keep asking ' ngor dei hai bin ah?' ' zou meh?' 'har' damm funny when think it now. Zon was more funny than me. We rolled on the floor when she opened my pressie. When someone drunk really will feel like flying and can't walk properly. Reached home and vomit. It's been long time i never vomit like that. If din't vomit it's hard to sleep. These were the picture took from party.

Puppy Report
Finally we brought it to home~~ lucky was healthy but the girl said dun play so much with him since he just cure not long ago. After 1 week will bring him for 2nd vacine. Now we was teaching him his name.

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