Monday, 11 February 2008

Before CNY my department have a dinner at MinMax restaurant. All of the 1st world staff got attended to the dinner. We camwhore while waiting for the food to serve. The food soso but the atmosphere was hot. Beside celebrating CNY dinner, we also doing a farewell and birthday party for Mayshua, Samson, sukyen, Alex and Peggie as well. Another good things was got received ang pow from our manager and my supervisor xD

CNY eve i still got work but just untill 2pm only. Finished work, we went to petshop to get body powder, chain and perfume for Lucky. After that went to JJ, bought 8 pots of Lucky Bamboo for mom, dad, grandma auntie & uncle. Also we bought a YuYanShang hamper for alan's dad&mom. Just a 3hour shop spend up my 5 days paid. Around 6pm, we back to house have dinner with my mom 1st and have second round with alan's family later.

At 11pm we reached TS meet up with Zick, Joyee, Worm, Hel, Lai, Bel, Sendoh and Botak for CJ7 movie. It's dammn nice. Touching and delightful story. I got cry when the part Chow fell down from the buiding and dead. The small actress in the story was the main character who leading the story in movie . CJ7 dammnss cuteee. I waiting the toy to came out and i sure will buy them. After movie we went to Yumcha at The Store Corner.

First day of New Year
The next morning , we woke at 12pm and started to clean Lucky and packed up cloth to BP. As usual, it's took 4 hours to BP when reach there the sky almost dark edi. On the way back to BP Lucky was quite obedient and dint bark in the car and just sleep inside the travel cage waited untill reached BP. At night got 5 of use play card but alan's dad and brother quit at early of game when they lost money=.= Me, alan and his mom play card untill 1am. Sure, we won ^____^ Cho Yat Cho Yi.....this yr CNY quite bored. Some of alan's auntie uncle nt came back to hometown and no ang pow coz his grandpa just pass away.

Oh ya, chor yi i went to Summit to do my hair. We thought that there will no saloon open since CNY but so lucky got a saloon open and so many ppl inside waiting for hair do. I want to do rebond but the price was same with perm so i choose to perm since alan so like me perm. Not bad, when finish perm i nt really like it but when back to kl , after wash and i style myself , yeah it's wat i want, just sad that my hair not long enuff.

Bukit Tinggi
The next morning after back from BP, 4 of us alan, zick and joyee have a day trip to BT. We reached the place at 11 morning, calm and sunny day .It just rm16 per entry and can visit all the village. Lotsa of ppl there and we visited Colmar Tropicale, Japanese Village, and Botanical Garden. We dint go to Rabbit Park since everyonce were so tired to walk, we head to a Restaurant called ' Yao Gan Fan Dim' . We choose this rest. coz of da funny name.

Valentine Day
That day we have dinner together with Zick, Joyee, Worm, Hel and Lai at Hel's auntie's steak house. The food looks yummy but me and alan just order 2 piece of garlic bread coz his mom got cook. This yr both of us nt buying any valentine gift coz we saving money to travel. Later go Bangkok have to spend alot money but since we were go together with his dad&mom we save the hotel fee but air ticket still we have to paid lo ><

Hamster Report
Oh gosh, my hamster got pregnant and birth 6 baby hamster. Now i got 12 hamster but we plan to give away some or sell it. We just want to collect white colour hamster. Cause of the increasing amount, the hamster also finish faster.

We planning to get a blog to write down the tricks Lucky have learned. Within 1 month, he know sit, lying on floor, shake hand, and play dead tricks. We will collect record the video and record every little thing about him.

This month salary spend fast. Start this month every month i will give mom&dad everyone 50 and also alan's dad&mom each 50. Although it's little but is what i can afford to give now. This year just bought 2 new top for CNY and a hair do. Spend alot on furniture and also pet's item. But we got a fix amount to save every month. This year got alot new wishes and wants, but most important is hope everyone stay happy and healthy.

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