Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year~!!!!!!!!!

Just celebrate new year with alan, zick, joyee, paulyan, jerry, worm and bel at 'nga nga hill' Gasoline Restaurant. Me and alan reach the place at 9.30pm to find place. We actually should go earlier coz will have alot ppl go there for dinner and fireworks. So lucky, we meet alan's cousin and he get table for us in just 10 mins. Although the restaurant have a nice scenery for fireworks but the food is super poor. The grill chicken i order just feel hard to telan even joyee also feel the same, but we finish it , this meal cost Rm30....i must finish it >___< After finish watch fireworks, the sky sudden turn into heavy rain. Other were back to home , left me , alan, jerry and paulyan went to autosurt nearby leisure mall for training untill 5pm. So i get back home sooo late. Hope all my wishes for this year can be fullfill and wish everyone dream come true!

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