Sunday, 30 December 2007

Accepted the offer from Genting as a account assist. and will be start working at the 2nd of Jan. I know this job definitely will very very tired coz the interviewer said will have lot of ot. It's okie as long as the ot got paid im fine.

Work for more than 20 days in CD and estee counter, and i have order bunch of make up from CD. I love cd powder, eye shadow alotsss, the colour was so nice and powder smooth like taufufa. My aunt promise to give a set of blokbuster. It's a make up box set complete with all make up. All item were worht 1k+, can't imagine when i get it will how happy i am =D And she also promise to give me perfume as well.
19 Dec 2007
Once i finish work at 6pm, we went to watch 'I Am Legend'. This movie was great and only 1 main actor, few vampire, and 3-4 human was involve in the movie...but the movie brought a meaningful msg to me.
20 Dec 2007
The jungle tracking fall on 20th of the month. 17 girls and guy take part in this trip included 4 girl bel girl friend, me & alan, zick, wormie, paulyan, narab, lingmong, jerry, bel, sendoh, hel, mash, and bone. There was a experience uncle whos 59 years old this year leading the team. He was very active and healthy, and i cant imagine that he was 59 but so strong. He said fastest will take 25min to reach the waterfall and longest also 45 min but we took almost 1 & half hour - 2 hour reach waterfall 7_7. Most fun part was crossing river. It's use up alot enery to cross river and all of us did well althou it's our 1st time ^^After back from jungle tracking, we went to watch 'Nasional's Treasure 2'. This movie was nice. Was looking forward the 3rd episod, i love treasure hunt so much, coz this really an excited and fun job.

A group picture at lake side before we start ^^ Nice waterfall~
Shir~alan, narab& lemon
Eddie, Shir~alan
Wow, sooo pucat my face but alan teruk than mine Lolz
Last group picture before we leave waterfall~
24 Dec 2007
Have a great xmas eve bbq party at zick's house although it's a very short time coz i finish work at 10pm and reach there about 11pm. We leave the party once the countdown finish coz im too tired and next morning still got tp work.
Shirley is switching on her camera~
Merry Christmas~2007~
26 Dec 2007
Im sooo happy coz i finish my promotion from day 2 untill day 25. I went shopping after the last day promotion. Alan went to worm's shop for hairdo, while wait for him i shopping at Ts. Bought 2 pants, a dress, and 2 heels. Spend up to 400 included alan's hairdo. Sooo pain!! Actually i was plan to get my working outfits but i just so blind that day and spend on the wrong item...zzz 9pm worm's off duty we headed to cinema to meet hel and lai. 'Alien V Predator 2' was quite nice just some part i nt really understand. If i got watch 'AVP1' i might will know what they trying to express.

drinking 'yen yeong' =D
Finish hairdo and soo satisfied with his new hairstyle ~

29 Dec 2007
Shopping Again!! This time we went to KLCC Isetan and got all i need for work. We meet zick at steambot ship and finish our lunch at 2pm . 3 of us head to KLCC and i bought 2 top, 1 pants, and a bag from isetan(280) -.- Hang around at klcc and took some picture with the half cut christmas tree =X After we head to Ts once again to buy alan's shoe. We visit wormie and the 'sifat' gatal zick say want to do hair so while wait for wormie finish work. But the time he took to finish the hair do was soooo overdue wormie's working time. He finish the hair at 9.30pm and wormie should be finish his work at 8.30 geram betul ><>
Zick, shirley~alan @ klcc
Curi ambil while they browsing stuff~(notice zick smile so yam? sure sms-ing with joyee la )
Just a temp curl, kento make this for me ty=D

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