Sunday, 18 November 2007

Finished exam, seriously i doing bad on 2 subjects, and tempak alot on paper 7_7 but others paper consider ok and but still very worry about it, hopefully i can pass all ler ><
Friday after exam at 12pm, took putra ( the exam hall located at Taman Paramount, PJ, took me 1 hour to the place from 15min-lrt switch to 45 min-putra) back to ampang to meet alan and we went to 'ah sou' eat mixed rice. We returned to home after lunch. I rushed to packed up my travel kits and cloth and ready to back to hometown together with mom, jack, his gf and my aunt.Alan not going back with me coz he follow his father back to BP to visit his grandpa. The trip was fun and chat till reach my kampung. Took alot picture during my uncle wedding but few pictures of me only. The next day after wedding dinner we retured to home.

Friday 23/11 after my last paper, i went to Kelana Jaya and met zon. We ate our lunch at a Korea style BBq restaurant at Pyramid. The meal was yummy but me and zon still not full and we eat again bread from auntie's anne. Shopping at pyramid for about 2 hours and end up with 1 shirts, 1 shorts, and a office dress. After that we went to Cat's Whisker and within 10min i bought a heel from there. We have dinner at Murni and i ordered a tom yam meehun , zon ordered a spaghetti. Around 9pm we leave Murni and zon fetch me to putra. Have a nice day with zon , she keep laugh from the min i step on her car and all the way we shopping, especially i tell her the jokes about ginger , lol laugh louder. Emm, if got chance i will go subang find zon again, hanging out with zon really a fun things =D

This Tuesday i went to Genting Corp for a interview on account assistant position. The company was really big and i so nervous when i step into the office. Firstly i went into HR department to fill up personal particulars and then 1 of a lady officer bring to me Finance department to met up their head for interview. The finance department really terrible, i think got more than 20 staff there and all so bz worrking. I met up the head and have a interview with her about 20 min. In the process of interview i not gan jeong at all and enjoying it, maybe is the head show a friendly faces. She gave me a question about accounts , i think it's easy but i wonder i answer it correctly or not. Beside genting group i still considering to work at bank. Taker introduce me to work at Standard Charteded because he say work in bank will have a high pay and alot benefits. So in the month of dec i will go SC or others bank to interview.

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