Sunday, 4 November 2007

Yesterday went to Sushi king for lunch and lepak at Queen's Park for about 1 hour and returned to home. Worm come to house and we headed to enet at 8+ , meet Jerry, paul, and we went to 2 Prawns for dinner.

My sakana black pepper....yummies~

Attracted by the 2 sushi cup and i register the card for it...
Finally do and mi reach at cheras without sesat at 10.30. We start dota, me , aya, zon, paul and his friend 1 team, the opponent line up was zick, alan, jerry and worm. 3 hours we get to play 4 round but 3 of it is leaver game(Cheras Ceo cast ultimate!!) The last score is 2-2...hahaha not bad =D After that, went to yum cha at alim and yum cha session end at 2am. Pity zon still need to fetch aya back 1st then only can go home...fai fai find ur Mr. Right and u no need so sanfu la...hehez

Went to the pet shop, again this time we bought 2 hamster home. Together with all food, banglo house(got toilet, bed room, big playground), others accessories cost 215...most exp is the house 133 *wah* but really nice and can join more parts into the house make it attractive and more space for them.

Mrs WhiteMr Grey
The House

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