Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Shopping Spreeee~

Ahaa, today went to help worm's fren Danielle for a fake lashes extend model. Emm, this service took me 2 hour to finish and the result WORTH IT!! Extra long, neat, volume...everything on it, it's pretty nice and for the coming 3 weeks i don't need to apply mascara when my make up on, yeahoo~!!

After that i went to TS have my lunch and shoppin at TS while waiting alan finish work and come grab me. Spend over Rm200, rm150 for a facial foam, toner, 5 piece mask(just try and really good!!), and a elianto lip gloss. Others than that i bought a shoe, and a sling bag.

This sotong damm kawaiii, if this not a food i think i wouldn't eat it and will leave it as a decoration but if it not a food, i wouldn't buy it too...confuse...haha, anyway i bought this as a gift for alan after i spend over 200 on my stufz =) but he loves it like wats i aspect xD

After our dinner at Peel road food court, i force alan bring me to a Pet Shop at Queen's Park. Not much pet left at shop today but the sales girl say will have more pets during Sat and Sun because in this 2 day the supplier will bring more pet to shop, so we plan this Sat will visit the shop again. Abit suprising me is today just Tuesday but the shop's pets left not more than 10, izit now the ppl starting love to owned a pet? Me and alan were planning to get a dog as a pet but we still searching for a dog suit us. I looking for small and cute with white fur puppy but alan love dog type like Border Collie=.= Anyway my chance to get my fav pet is higher coz our house just fit to feed small or medium size pet but not a large pet =X

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