Sunday, 28 October 2007

SMM Grand Final

Woke up at 6.18 morning and went out from house at 7.05 to fecth botak and xnewb and reach jerry place around 7.30am. Headed to Asia Cafe and reach there at 8.10am. We quite a early team reach and get register. Btw zon also on her way come to asia cafe. She brought me to cat whisker, quite alot nice heels , bag, and outfits in the shop.Perhaps next visit will get some stufz from there ler...really nice, zon must bring me there again !!

Meet alot dota friends from others states, and when they know im playing for the tourney all get suprise and unbelievable, lolz. Thought want to create a good record in smm but still lose. Final result is Ks win the champion. I get to know this team from the klang tourney and that time they still not really good in dota but after they have swicth some players and train hard , they getting strong. Anyway for others team that lose don't give up, we still got chance for the coming tourney ~!!hehe

Around 7.30pm we leave asia cafe and we get lost on da way to cheras...but finally we make it to cheras around 9pm >< After fetch xnewb home, me and alan went to pasar malam and buy our dinner. These were some pictures took during at asia cafe...

Before the game start, a short speech from the organizer and dato-dato...

Zon forgot to take picture when i playing...*whack ass*

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