Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Wow, finally i return to blog~~!!! Sorry all of my ' fansi ' waited for me to update this blog =p So lazy to update for the last few month and i will make it short for this post too.

My final exam coming soon and i sooo tensions with this , hopefully i can pass all the paper and god pls bless and be with me....*drop a answer paper to me*

Emm...our vice president finally meet her angel. Dint feel suprise with the news just some of us hardly to accept this fact ><

I cut my hair and become a ' siu mui mui ' now. Everyone just hardly to identify me after i chop my hair=.= At the beginning , i reallly cannot accept this hair...and now i fall in love with it. It's make me looks young , sweet, cute, cute and ..cute *for those reading if u think want to vomit...please do it* it's truth from my heart, really feel this hair just suit me but now i waiting it grow longer and change new hairstyle once again *gatal*

Just Chopped !!!!
Taken at Port Disckson, although don't have sea and sand but i really take this at Port Dickson!
Love this , but alan said i looks so ugly....
Most satisfied with this picture among others after i cut my hair for so long ..lolz

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