Monday, 16 July 2007

I will blog for wat was happened in the last 2 week, sorry waiting for so long =D. 5/7 Thursday, we went to watch 'Transformer'. This movie got alot good feedback from people around us and we giving an A++ to it because it's really dam nice and touching. Excellent graphic, action and storyline. *clap* *clap* for the story writer and all staff take part in screening. After movie around 8.30pm, we rush back to home and ready to go back alan's hometown Bp to visit his grandpa. His grandpa sick for few weeks and now getting serious. His grandpa have been sent to Hospital at Bp for a better care.

Langkawi Trip !!

Returned home from Bp and packed up our travel kits ready for Langkawi trip. 7/7 Saturday morning we went to LCCT by Skybus. Alan's parents flight was early than us 1 hour , they board at 11.45am and our plane should be fly at 12.50pm but the flight delay cause of some techinical problem and replaced with another plane which will be arrive at 2.15 pm*big swt*...goyang kaki and lepak around in the waiting hall while waiting for the boarding time. Finally reached Langkawi at 3.15pm and alan's parents were waiting us at the arrives gate. His father rent a car for travel use in Lkw. Our 1st station was Parade Mall. We thought that it's a huge shopping mall like Mid Valley but so dissapointed ya...inside there have four floor only, quite similiar like The Store. End up shopping here with 1 sport shoe ^^v. At the same day we visited to Eagle Bay, Kuah Town and a Nightmarket. Have a yummy seafood dinner at Kuah town and headed back to Kampung Tok Senik Resort. Start gamble game until 1.30 with alan, alan's dad and mom =P ( result = lose Rm15.00)

Next day, we went visited Beras Terbakar. Erm...nothing special here le but taken few picture.

After that we went to Mahathir Bakery House. OMG, all the bun soooo soo soo expensive!! A normal red bean bun u guess how much? Rm4.00 !! *naik kereta* we bought 4 bun , total cost Rm 21.00 ....lucky not us paying for it...keke. Continue our journey to Geoparks. Got alot duty-free shop and a rabbbit and camel park. Got taken lotsa picture in Geopark, quite a nice place to visit.

The next station was Wildlife Park. Thousand of birds, monkey, crocodile, and more animals in it. Rm12.00 tickets was worth for visiting this park.

After 1 hour stopped at Wildlife Park, we headed straight to Hole in The Wall Floating Restaurant. Would find it strange about the restaurant name? it's really got a hole in the wall of mountain...haha. So this is how the name come from. The restaurant located above sea and only boats can reach there. We ride a boats to the restaurant, taken about 10min to reach. Actually this restaurant was a fish farm and the owner have an idea to build a restaurant at his fish farm to serve fresh seafood. Another seafood dinner but this time was more delicious especially the fish and crab. Fresh ! fresh ! fresh !! yummy ~~ finish our dinner at 8pm , and the sky so dark...we ride the same boats back to terminal. Back to resort around 9.30pm and gambling again....

9/7 Last day on Lkw island, after breakfast we send alan's dad and mom to airport , left me, alan, alan's bro. and his gf. We went to visit Underwater world - Rm28.00 per entry - finish after an hour, we have lunch and headed to airport. Around 10pm we reached Kl Sentral and reached home at 10.30pm. It's a nice trip to Langkawi, my opinion if u want to buy Chocolate, cosmetic, and cigarettes must go Langkawi...u can find it everywhere and it's Cheap !!


Back to Normal

Back from Lkw, next day need to replace CD counter for 2 days. I feel that myself fall in love with CD make up. I love their packaging, shimmering powder, lipgloss and some of the limited edition product @@ End of this month have CD promotion for the latest fragrance Dior Addict Shine~!! Top sales ~top sales ~~Febby, Kalmen, Evien and Wendy were know them in this 2 day.


Watched 'HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX' at the 1st day showing. The tickets was bought earlier together with Transformer last week. This episod storyline not giving me much excited like last episod, still prefer the previous episod but this episod got a improvement compare to previous episod was the magic fighting scenes between Dumbledore and Voldemort. Wanted to collect all the Harry Potter books but so expensive ler...

Batu Pahat

Returned to BP again for dota tourney...hoho...this time i was taken part in the tourney too...however the result was so poor that we lose at 2nd round. The champion for the tourney was Dna-Sk. Although Dna was a new form team but the member have very good personal skill and experience to fight. 14/7 morning 10.30am sharp me, alan, hel, nara, and kw start moved by following alan's dad's car. Reached Bp at 1.30pm, have our lunch at a Modern Kopitiam. Waited until 5pm have our 1st match and the next round start at 10pm zzzz Why we lose? The beginning and mid term we play nicely but when we wanted to push into opponent base, opponent was defence perfect in every wave, finally the Potm got divine and break our base. Game end after 108 mins. *sad* After this, we have our dinner+supper at a Dim Sum restaurant. Hel, nara and kw go back to KL, while me and alan stayed at his grandpa's house. The next morning after visit alan's grandpa at hospital we went to Summit to watched tourney. Alan's watched tourney and me went for shopping ^^v Got sales at Summit and the items all so cheap. Spend Rm200 for 1 slipper, 1 heels, 1 caps, 1 top and 1 jeans. Around 5pm , alan's dad come fetch us and we go back to home.

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