Sunday, 24 June 2007

Im Back !! to blog again after so long~ Been work for Christian Dior and Estee Lauder promotion for 15 days and next month got promotion for CD again 7_7 Although it's a tiring job but fun to work and get to know alot new friends like Renee, Zichen, Danielle, Vivien, Yi Wen, and lotsa senior from CD. I get sick during worked for the promotion, i think it's was food poison. Went to toilet for more than 4 times a day =.= and really no mood to work at all and finally i recover after 2 days of nonstop cirit-birit =D

Just went to shopping again last friday with alan. He dye and chop his hair at wormie's place (pepito) and i went for facial , hair wash and blow at Kim G. while waiting for him. That day i just bought a hair cream and a serum for my hair btw alan bought a hair matt gum for himself too. Ended up shopping with 1 renoma slippers( Mr alan own this) and a hair dryer. Emm, just few items we bought but how cum !! we spend 500++ !! Pain pain into heart ~~~~.~~~~~

On da same day , Sakura and Icemen came from Melacca to Kl to take part in the Klang dota tourney with alan, hel and lemon. Spend all my time on accompany them to tourney. They lose in compy but i know they can do better if they get together and train more. Just train for 6-7 match before the compy start. But they stil played well and get into top 8 and lose before semi final, gud job dMw.

Actually this post been park for few day and i havent post only. Aya and zon keep chui ngor time u 2 siapa blog late than me i sure kick ur arse =P

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