Wednesday, 24 October 2007

New Looks !!

New Skin new wishes new me =X Just refresh my blog with a quite pretty skin. Thanks alot to the creator , because of them i can easily deco my blog with a nice skin.

Just finish a match with mng. My computer make me feeling to *pull hair* lagging from start until end game. Hardly to creeping, aiming, especially when war...*vomit blood*. Mr. alan promise me to buy new computer at the coming dec. The old pc actually still can use, i still rmb i got the com. becoz of my PMR result, my prize from mother, it's so mean and valuable for me, not willing to give away or sell it. Last time was think that if import a new pc , the old 1 will give it to my brother but now he already bought a new pc, so the old com. will just drop it to alan's dad's office for others usage.

My exam coming soooon...left 20 days from now, time left for study is so limited. On the coming day got still got smm and i got job at estee before the exam.....everything will be fine after exam....

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