Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Recently was bzing for the Estee Mother's Day promotion but seems like not much ppl buying pressie for their mom, mayb they buy pressie from others brand coz most of my customer buying pressie for their gf or wife or themself instead buying for their mom ~.~ i planning to get perfume for mom from i-anti, i think she will luv the fragrance coz she ask me to get her the perfume i use which was from i-anti keke

Taken at work place

This few days have lotsa fun times with my aunt Maggie, Rachel and Vicky. It's really fun work together with them and so glad that i can work with them. Although my leg was pain and tired, the happiness was covering all of this suffer and light me up ^^v And yesterday we got to know a magician. He's a mix and handsome guy and we were so attracted by his every action and spoke. Somemore he know play tarol card and will find one day hang out with us...and my aunt promise me she will let me to join them for clubbing, yumcha and dinner^^

Next month might got chance to work for Christian Dior promotion. The counter manager ask me for helping her but too bad ler...1 of da promo day i promise work for estee and if i accept CD promotion and Estee promotion den need to work for 2 weeks...omg feel sked edi...but in da coming July will fly to Langkawi and will broke once again=.=

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