Sunday, 13 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day

After a week promotion, everything come to da ends. It's Jusco member's day on Thurs. We shuld woke up at early morning and hope to b the early birds for member's day but alan make everything go bad. We woke late, it's about 3 o'clock we leave house and take Lrt to Jusco. On the way we walked to Jusco, we saw lotsa ppl carrying packages of Jusco shopping bag. This was my 1st time went for member's day. All items got discounted up to 70% !!! Member id card needed to show and only 2 friends can be bring along. When i step in Jusco i feel faint, theres were huge crowds of people !! We have breakfast+lunch at foodcourt and hardly to find seats. End up shopping v 1 heel, 1 watches and 1 swim googles ^^v

Went to Enet last Saturday. They train v Botak new form team or mayb not...(don't know). Everything in Enet stil same even those people who go Enet often stil not much change(from their looks). If compare to them, i feel myself change for so much in this 8 month(8 mth neva step to Enet). Me n alan so appreciate to the one who help us escape from Enet. If not becoz of him, alan and me might stil work for the useless job and indulging with the games, won't have a day like now, hardcore in study and working. 3_3

This year mother's day bought a heel and cakes for my mothers , a 'yu yan sheng' baifeng pill for alan's mother. Spend around 150 for all pressie but stil worth it. Thanks to mom what they have did for us . I neva do properly my job for what a daughter shuld do. I wish i can accomplish my job as a daughter in future. I love my mom alot but hardly to say the word to her face to face. Like to take this opportunity in this blog to tell her 'I Love u, a mii' . Happy Mother's Day to all~

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