Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Finally i got mood to blog. Last few day i was busy for gathering, training, dinner, sleeping and yumcha..so busy rite? =D Want to blog about the gathering fall on last Friday 18/05/2007 that held over my place here. That day the most early + rajin (gosok kasut) gurl zon was the first reach my house among others around 4pm and we prepare spagetti, cook nasi lemak, and all food for bbq. Followed by Aya, Anu and Masy , they reach around 6pm and we arrange all table chair at hall while waiting for others to come.

Food~~but that day so much food left, all damm lazy to bbq *shakes head*

Saw 1 standing at most right, is Me!

Mamak stall, start business 7pm =X
Lotsa drinks rite?yet it's stil not enuff to served...

Around 8pm , people start reaching but before that me, aya, zon, anu and masy fill tummy with nasi lemak and rendang, i mmg can't stand for the hungryness anymore , have a light meal for breakfast and not eating lunch meal just waiting for the gathering >.<. The bbq set really memafankan, i means hardly to light up the fire and when we managed to start bbq it's about 8.45pm...luckily we have rendang and rice to serve while waiting for the fire =D

Meet and chat with alot old face such as Viva and ah one...eh? so little? others stil managed to meet everyday or once upon a time 3_3. Ah one really long time no meet, i think the last time we meet was 3-4 years ago ~.~ when i know he coming for gathering was happy and excited. He doesn't have much changes, stil dark and luv to joke, only changes was his hair cut shorter. Everyone in the gathering were chatting so happy and enjoying the fun, everyone have a good feedback for this gathering and i think will plan for second gathering in the coming soon day.Bone and tamago was insulting zon from the beginning they reach till the end of gathering about the spagetti, actually that day i din't eat spagetti and only eat 1 bite of the cake...regret for not eating the spagetti and cake left so little for me...*sad...*

Good looking and delicious cake...but only get to eat 1 bite..*sad Luvly Emrys Gurl~
Sweetest smile ~ Zon and Me~
Aya and Me...zon le? mana pigi?
Zon and Aya...me le? me le?

Eh?...how cum Aya stand so far from bone?.lolz

Emrys Group Take 1 ~!! ( Worm, Viva, Leo, Masy, Anu, Tamago, Jacky, Garry, Hel, Alan, Nike, Chiak, Bone, Shirley, Zonnie, Aya, Leo's Friend, Tamago's Gf)

Emrys Group Take 2 ~!!

Emrys Group Take 3~!! with some posing..=D (notice that meng and mynamcai miss out from pic...both of them went back early ...unlucky7_7)

The Guys...from start till the ends~
Gathering ends at 11pm ...Happy Ending !!
After gathring me, alan, nike, hel and garry stil went out for dota till 3am only get home...oww..tired but very happy with the gathering. After so long planning and everything goes well but few of them like zicky went for outstation, sianee and grol can't attend for some reason...but we are planning for the second one gathering but no more BBQ !! hehe...

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