Monday, 28 May 2007

Last week have my 1st time facial treatment at Times Square which i think was cheap Rm29.90 only and was intro by my colleague, nervous becoz this was my 1st time and scare of the black,white heads, pimples will become serious than before and hole get bigger@@. This facial take about 1 hour to finish and absolutely with a good result^^v. My face so clean, fresh and the smoothness can reflex the light =X but stil feeling pain when the beauticians pincit my pimples and cucuk with something very sharp !! Lotsa blood come out coz i feel that the beauticians using the cotton pad to remove blood from the pimple quite alot times. I think will go again since i'm so lazy to do myself and it's cheap and comfortable with the good service. My next visit will be after my promotion end, and this time alan will have facial treatment together with me =D

This month going to end up soon and i realise we have spend alot money for this month on gathering, shopping, my glasses, air ticket fees, Mother's day, dentist costs ...etc etc. Last saturday shopping spend again Rm100+ on make up ~.~ Next shopping day is coming soon, maggie and bread will teman me for this few days until 1st June. Couldn't wait for this Friday shopping, Aya and Zon will be my main shopping kaki(luv em so much) ^^

Ps : u dua jimat jimat oh, hopefully this Friday will b another memory day ...hehe

Recently was busy dota, sims 2 , watch tvb drama, swimming, table tennis, yumcha, match, study and...working! Out of time to done all of em. My valuable and the only one last school holiday.. argh~! no rest for me!! i have make promise to work promotion for Christion Dior and Estee Lauder for 15 days. My last record was work 11 day for promotion. Hardly to tahan the keletihan for long time standing and this time really challenge me, i muz finish it, i believe i can =D. Hope my efforts will bring returns =)

See anything? =X

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