Thursday, 31 May 2007

Happy happy soo happy ~receiving gift from my aunt and bought lotsa stufz yesterday. Get a t-shirt and a T-back 7_7 from my aunt, she just came back from outstation from New York. That T-back was soo kawaii...but i'm not going to take picture of it, it's illegal and too sexy to post here =X. Gift from estee was a travel bag (in black with a nice style) , 1 lipstick and lip gloss ( special from my aunt), a miniature, advance n.r. eye cream and a hydra complete eye cream. Really happy with all of this gift item.

This Friday should go shopping with aya and zonnie but....but...but this 2 fella ffk ! (SAD) aya bz with her business and zon...=.= (but she felt regret din't go shop with me when i bought lotsa stuf back from shopping....kekeke=X)
Nevermind i'm sure the next shopping with them will coming soon. 12.30pm i reached Pepito and start my hairdo at 1pm. Starting with perm and follow by colouring my hair then end with hair cut. Telling the truth... this time the perm and dye is much better than ever. When done i feel myself quite wild with the perm..luv it ^^. Alan reach around 6pm, we have our dinner at Sg. Wang and start my shopping trip after dinner. Cause of the limited time, only get to shop at Sg. Wang. End up with 2 tops, 1 shorts, 1 beg and a pressie for shuk yee. This saturday will attend her b'day party at Oug, so excited to meet them coz quite a few month neva meet d. Tonight will watch Pirates of the Caribbean. The show start on 12am..wooottt...3am only finish..*faint*

My new hair style...stil perm but nicer than last time ^_^

Yoz ~ all in sims ...wahha

....spend over 400 in shopping and hairdo...who can be tai yee long borrow me some money? =D

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