Monday, 4 June 2007

Last saturday went to my dearest <3 Shuk yee birthday's party. Took around 15 min reach Sri Petaling station and wait for Yan Hoong ang Meng hong came to take me. Reached party place around 8.15pm and lotsa people attended but most of them i don't know. Most of them were Yee's friend and her parents. Cause of the rain, bbq started at 9pm but the rental place have to close at 10pm ( rushing like the gathering me, zon and aya host), so i grab some ready food and chat alot with my best friend gang yek wan , ka ban, yan hoong and the ' sao xing ' girl. Long time we din't met up edi, they not much changing and still so pretty and talkative *zi zha* =D. The last time we met was during March and it's was Ka ban birthday and if not mistaken i think we got go out for sing k too in that few months. Although we seldom meet up but our friendship stil very good. Wish they all the best on their works, lovelife, study and healthy always ^^. Will end my post with some photo taken from the party.

Me & Ka Ban

Me & Yek Wan & Ka Ban
Me & Shuk Yee

No picture with yan hoonh, actually i got take photo with her...but she say the picture not nice and asking me not to post up =.=...ish ish

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