Tuesday, 1 May 2007

If i din't update today den i got no time for blogging in the coming day and zon surely will knock my head =P...so today must finish my update !! Aiks...i hardly to recall wat been happened last week , sometimes hate myself so forgetful, just happened few days also can forget...old folks @.@

Erm....just to add some photo to light up abit, becoz i goin to blog alotz xD

Last thursday even that day was holiday still need to return to Kojadi coz alanz need go for his eng. exam. Around 2.30 we leave kojadi , went to Klcc for lunch. Actually we don't know wat for we go to Klcc.Wandered around and decided to go for movie...but there soooo many ppl queue up for ticket ~.~ cancel our plan and return home.

We get a cap at Klcc taxi station, from my experience i know lotsa evil taxi driver luv to cheat tourist v their "ultra fast jumping meter machine" , wow....we so lucky , really ride up 1 of da 'pabu' taxi driver. Just turn a corner the price goes up from Rm 2 to Rm 3...believe it? OmGosh, feel want to kick the driver ass but alan say be patience till we reach home only argue with him 4 da price thingy, got lotsa security there will b more safe >.<. The meter is jumping so fast as my heart hv same speed v the meter , and u know wat the driver did again?...the route he drive was totally diff with others taxi driver, he was trying to make the distance longer to earn more ...Let me explain the route, from Klcc --> Jalan Tun Razak--> Kg Pandan roundabout -->Maluri-->Cheras Flat-->My House....this da direct path to my house...but the 'pabu' driver went to Sg wang and try to drive farder then i ask the driver " Encik, jalan sini lebih cepat ke?"When this come out, da driver give me a mad face and say " tanya tanya banyak, turun sini la !", stopped the car by roadside and dropped us there...somemore ask us to pay...zzz i rmb the car plate number but when reached home forgot edi 5_5

See, he so harworking ..LoLz 3_3

Luckily the place he dropped us at Jalan Imbi and so near to worm working place. Visited him and have a lil'while chat with him and he say can help me for hairdo and only charge me with the cost price of product i use, after i finish my promotion ill go there to curl my hair again ^^v Afterwards, we went to Lowyat, bought a new 512 ram which only cost Rm85 (dammm cheap) Actually it's stil exp for me but if compare with 6 month ago the price (Rm 200+_+) it's cheap rite? keke After plug in the ram...my computer smooth like hell~especially while play sims2 no need to load for so long and every action taken was fast and smoootthhh~luv it luv it~

*Wink* *Wink* ~blush~xD

In da same day, went to Subang . Have yumcha session with zon,aya,masy and anu. We reached Subang at around 8.30pm , watch they training at autosurf while waiting for zon finish her dinner and aya's gang from Cineleisure...It's about 10.00pm , Zon came Autosurf take me and we went to 1st station . The second floor was so biisingg , can hardly to chat, it's all my fault =( At the beginning me and zon were sitting at downstair , when zon having conver. v aya in phone, i asked the waiter to let us go up 2nd floor becoz i heard theres music come from upstairs and i thought that will b fun can listen to live band while drinking and chatting...but totally all was my imagine only =C 1 word to describe...NOISY...hardly to chat and couldn't heard, i think we screamed each other in whole conver. lolz! We shifted to Nanako, there da environment better , suit place for chat =D Chat alotz bout gathering, horror movie, clubbin and shopping~!! My promotion ended at 9 of May, it's a release date from jail >_<>

Watched Hill Have Eye2 at Bts last Saturday with Alan, Hel and Nike. 1st time saw all ppl in cinema shouted , screamed together and clapping for it after every kan jeong scenes. Watched 1st episod for a year ago. This time story is about a group of under trainning soldier were ordered to sent instrument for a group of scientist that having research at a desert place called Sector 16. All story begin here and end here. This is a pretty good movie but if u scare of nausea death body, bloody and ke-waii-ness scenes, btr dun watcha...got few part i feel like to vomit too =.= Looking forward da 3rd episod ^^v

Yosh, played ping pong and swimming for last 2 day with Alan, Hel and Garry(Nike went 4 Melacca trip). Have kind of refresh feel after ping pong and swim. Sometimes shuld go for more exercise and not always facing the computer too much. My eye being blur nowadays , hardly to see far objects. Mayb spend too much time in front the computer, i hate to wear spec even contact lanses so memafankan and inadvertently luv to rub my eye...wuwuw...hope my eye 1 day will be cured!

My blog too short rite?? i think ill make it's longer next time ...wahha^_^v

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