Monday, 23 April 2007

Aiyo, boring boring...last week was a moody week, y ler? my aunt came visited me and bring lotsa 'present' to me =.= I feel my body is not being well this few month , need go for a medical check up soon =.=

About the ro, change server again, currently playing m'sia private server. This time really is a lag-free server even the server have up to 800 player in game. The server intro by anu is not bad too but lvl 350 max..owhh..too high lvl for me, i wish to play at standard level more xD

After read aya's blog, i have same agreement with them too. Chubby girl have good attitude compare to others? i dun think so , i'm a good sample that proved that not every chubby girl having good attitude as they said. One's attitude not judge by their size. If it's so easy to judge someone by that way, den the world will be brighter and simple. @@

Alan's sister cancel their trip back to m'sia because she get pregnant, more rest needed. Another thing happen was his brother-in-law John fainted during the flight from N.Y to Los Angeles. Luckily on that time there were 2 doctor on flight and do 1st aid for him. John is type that luv to eat red meat and drink. This bad habit was totally controlling his body. Why know such habit will only return with suffer and yet stil do it? i think human nature is like this O_o, it's not easy to change the attitude in a short duration and also depend on how strong the person willpower hold.

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