Monday, 16 April 2007

Yeah, last week was really a happy week. Lotsa intresting thing happen. Lets talked about last week Friday. That day i was thought that alan they all will went to subang for training but they said Px team was not free so cancel then i begged him to find any others team to train at Subang becoz zon told me that anu will celebrate his birthday at subang. I wan go ! after some twist and turns, finally make it to train at Subang ^_^

Reached subang around 9pm. Call zon come autosurf take me to her house. That day i brought her the sims 2 cd , but her house can't install becoz her driver is cd drive not dvd driver @@. Awhile later wormie and fern reach. We chit chat while waiting for da others gang come.We went to Nanako 1st becoz they will come late . Have a great time with zon, worm, fern, aya, campy, anu , masy and leo. That day i was talked so much much and laughing for so loud *shy* , din't know others table cus. will laugh at this ' siao zha po' or no....LOLz. Have a picture session at last min. before i leave. Will upload later.(now workin =X)

Leng nui~ and sau xing zai

Zon & Me ^_^

The gang without me =(

Since they all playing private ro , so i download ro sakray and installer during my valuable sunday. Actually i download ro at saturday night but when morning i woke up that link stop and can't resume...urgh! bad links! then i go find others links and finally let me get it. Take 3 hours for the ro main installer and 2 hour for ro sakray. While waiting , i'm sure will not waste my time la, clean room, housework, and also cook for lunch. After lunch, went for a nap. Get to play ro at 8 pm =D Thanks alotz to masy for giving me lotsa item and zeny $_$ and also thanks to zon and aya for tanking me at prison . This server really have lil player but lag !! I told alanz that this server was lag-free and he reply that : Lag- free = Lagging + free server....*faint*

Today will be alan exam day. Yesterday he slept till 1pm stil don't want to woke up. He shuld thanks for my *flying kick* and *ultimate stun* , if not he won't be woke up....really. I promised him will not disturb him when he is sleeping but yesterday situation make me break promise. He woke up at arround 2 pm, after he ate breakfast dish and lunch were 4pm edi and only he get started his revision @@

Stil got lotsa of homework haven't start to do !! Arghhh.....the exercise is keep increasing and my time is decreasing. Need to study, work, and entertain. Wish god will give me extra time =X. Next month will have estee promotion for mother's day. Have promise to work for 7 day, wish that 7 days will bring me a luxury incomes =D and scam bunch of free giftt~!! ^_^

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