Friday, 13 April 2007

Wanna share a joke with u all and this joke im heard from 988 Dj =D i think it's funny =X

1 day , when a traffice police was patrolling on a highway he notice a car is driving for so slow (20km/j) , this make a long queues behind the car, so the police quickly stop the car at the road side, the driver is a old popo age between 60-70 and below is the conversation between the popo with traffice police :

police : popo, u drive so slow , u know this will make traffice jam?

popo : huh, really? sorry a sir , i dont know i will make this happen but i was following the speed sign board wor, it's written 20 wor....=(

police : Aiyo, a po that's not speed board la, that is road name, Jalan 20 la.

popo : really?...wonder la...all car who pass by are hon me la...

(At that time, police noticed that got 3 more popo sitting at seat behind. Their face looks sick , green , and likes wanna vomit @@ )

police : a po , urs frens ok? y they all looks sick?

popo : no la, just now i come from ' Jalan 230 ' ma...

police : ..........


Funny? gimme me some comment? =P

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