Thursday, 12 April 2007

Yep yep, monday we were went to Subang autosurf for match with px team. 1st round was gg by px team but win at the second round . Had yumcha session after game and dota was the main topic during yumcha session and reached home at 1.30 pm.

Was decided not to cooked at wednesday but when i buying tomatoes that goin to make juice for alanz, i was attracted by the yummy~ cabbage(luv it so much~). So, at last i make up my mind to cook for da day. Reach home around 5pm after work, prepare ingredients for cook, and have dinner at around 6 pm. Usually alanz's dad will eat dinner with us but today he went for a speech about spine. Bought lotsa tomatoes for juice , at da same time also needed for my ABC soup. Soup for today was really huge bowl because alanz luv to drink it and same to me =). After dinner , stil left half a bowl in kitchen and we can reboil at night and finish it. Take a lil' nap (2 hours =P) , wake up at 8pm becoz have match at this time. Ok, today have a funny joke happen and the lil`conversation was goes like this :

(We 2 were sitting in front the computer while waiting for players join dota. Suddenly , a smell come to our room.)

alanz : wei, u smell something? nice the smell likes someone is baking bread.
shirley : ya meh? ( at 1st i have da same thinking as alanz but soon i realise...)wei i smell something is burned la.

alanz : (Jump up from chair) OMGod, the soup!!!

shirley : Watz !!
(we quickly run to kitchen. Know wat happen? The soup was all dry and pot was burned)

alanz : just now i was reboil the soup and i forget @@
shirley : wth, i reboil edi why u reboil it again?
alanz : i want the soup hotter ma =(
shirley : Ya ! now hotter but not the soup is Me!!

Actually was really angry him so forgetful but when i saw his regretful face...pity face...was feel like laughing. Luckily the kitchen is not on fire if not wouldn't know watz will happened *_*. But the pot was spoil, burned into so dark and can't be use anymore.

[Copyright from Bonnie]

Love this picture alotz. The character in the picture was created by bonnie who was my favourite sims 2 story writter. Story write by her was touching, funny sometimes, excited and mostly all picture taken by her was so nice and feel good ^_^. Especially this 1 make me feel wanna marry and wear wedding dress =D

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