Monday, 9 April 2007

Last Friday went to a TNA (1st time go there) at Permaisuri for a dota match. Me, alanz, hel, zick, and nike were playing the match. Reach there around 8.30pm and the game start at 9.00pm because zick late came. Erm...this team was intro by ah weng and i think they are 1st time play match or watever la, they request to normal pick and not choose 1 by 1 from each team@@. Anyway we just played on and win da game. Played for 1 more match then i return home and alanz follow others to yumcha.

Now i realise that China server sdo is much more fun than m'sia sdo. More song, more background, more outfits, more mode and more ppl playing in china sdo. Both were same free server and y not pick the one better?...thanks Kelvin for telling me he is playing china sdo, if not i wont b know that so big different between that. Outfits that display in the game were so attractive and was thinking to grab it through credit card but feels like abit wasted because have a fix duration for all outifts :< 1 month after , will auto dissapear...In china sdo got lvl 17 song!! Gosh, i cant even defeat song lvl 13... how gonna play that lvl 17 songz lolx

Last Sunday was alanz`s father birthday. many of his relativescame for the party. His mom cooked lotsa yummy food but me and alanz miss out the CAKE!! was pretty busy having match while they r eatin cake>< but it's ok for me not eatin it becoz that cake surely will make my weight gain *_*.Might will upload some photo on my next post, looks plain on this blog ~.~

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