Monday, 2 April 2007

Last Friday was went out with 2 lovely gurl itu Aya and Zonnie =D. Went to Times Q. by Lrt and that day weather was so HOT! sweating all da way and finally reached met up with them. Headed to ParkRoyal for the Loreal warehouse sales and yes there have loreal product but only few make up item were selling , so dissapointed dint'n have skin care product i want to buy *sob* *sob* ended up with empty hand =(. Lotsa perfumes were sold there and the perfumes area was so crownded *faint*.

After that, we went Sg. Wang and was planned to eat McD but it's under renovation! Fine, we change place to eat at Delifrance, but before that we stopped at Nose becoz having sales and i bought a pairs of slipper. Actually da slipper i wearing now iis stil in good condition and Zonnie just gave me a slipper she bought from Thai. But the slipper was da type i like, so keep it 1st untill my current slipper spoil lo.Have a delicious meal at Delifrance and a while gurl talks. Continue shoppin at Sg wang and that day not really crownded. Ended up with 1 slipper , 1 top and a mask for hair.

Thanks to Zonnie for fetch me home and sorry to her becoz can't accom'y her to pasar malam. Promise will go next time. Wearing high heel walked wholeday and i was ill , tired till da max@@ I know both of them also very tired ler, aya sore throat and zonnie drive far from subang to cheras . Wait next time we get well again we go shoppin , that time sure more fun =D

During the last weekend, most of da time was spend on played dota with him, hel, zick, nike, and sendoh.Have pawn lotsa ppl and get pawning too. Recently was attracted to dota and must 1 game before sleep =P. Wonder this intreste will last for how long but very enjoy moment now. Yeah! the moment i waited for so long finally come...Sims 2! i been download and wait for wholeweek. Wats make me so excited to play ? becoz in da new version have 4 seasons and this is wat i expected for long time ago. Finally will get the see spring, summer, falls and snow ^_^. Oppss...get back to work 1st, ciao.

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