Saturday, 24 March 2007

Yesterday, after dinner we went to OUG for dota. There were 5 of us, me, Alan, Hel, Garry and Zicky. When we reach was around 11pm , we planned to play at Cybertime but was so full and forced to go others cc to play and that cc called XS?X5?(cant remember @@) and so lucky~we met a team of dota player and we match with them. Of course...kena pawn la =.="...but we had a fun match. Went so far only get to played 1 game becoz the night is being late then returned home and play 1 more round lancraft><

Just now went to Zicky cafe have lunch , after lunch we head to Ts. We planned to go Snip but we cant find it...maybe it's moved to somewhere else who knows @@. It's our 1st time visit to Micheal & Guys saloon. Have a hair chop for alan and a dye+treatment for my hair....spent 200(oww i'm broke again) but contented with the result =D.

Oh yeah, today i saw 'Skin Food' branches at sg. wang. I think it's new at sg wang. I bought a mask from there because yek wan was intro the product to me and said its good so i want to try it. Btw aya was using sf.'s mask too because i saw she taken picture tgt with the product(want to b spokesmen? =P)...i think she entitled to b coz her face was so licin.

Heahache-ing where to have our dinner and it's hard to find food currently for us coz alan want eat VEGE only, so so so....i decided to cook at home. Actually cook at home, for me is better becoz cheaper and healthy compare to outside food but of course take time to cook and have to wash plate , clean up the kitchen and rubbish blah blah... but very enjoy and happy when eating dish made by my own. Feeling tired now, want to sleep la....tataz

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