Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Had my very first beauty facial after a long time at Herbaline caunnaught.

I did lotsa survey for facial center which provide good service and affordable.
Here i found that there's 2 beauty salon Aster Spring and Herbaline which have quite lotsa good feedback.

Aster Spring i think quite number of ppl know about this. They using Dermalogica product which quite pricy ( a 100ml moiturizer cost Rm200+, omgosh). of coz yat fan cin yat fan foh...but Not say that expensive stuff sure good but also have to depend on self skin conditions. I actually had visited to Aster Spring and asking the running promotion. 8 treatment facial, 8 eye treatment, 8 neck treatment, RM600 for redeem of skincare product, 200 redeem of supplement, and 100 beauty redeemtion. Total for RM1800. I nearly buy the package but luckily i found there's herbaline which i think i can afford lo..

Facial range from 60+ - 130+. Last sunday i visited herbaline and bought a 119 facial treatment package. I need a facial badly for my wedding purpose and my face now really serious attacked gao gao by pimples =__= First, they brought me to foot spa and then to facial . The service was quite good for me. The gurl was frenly and served me good. Somore after facial got fish spa =p just another extra bonus. I bought quite a number of skin product from them because currently i not using any skincare and all are mix brand until i found them. Bought facial wash, toner, serum, lotion and a pimple cream...ended up paid the bill RM4xx.. my next facial appointed after 3 weeks...i love the environment ...couldn't wait to go again...=]

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  1. hey,hope u can reply me in my blog too
    i am looking for a facial centre too.
    have u heard for "celmonze"? is that good too?
    is herbaline facial treatment really good ...?
    thx =)!