Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Wedding Preparation 1

03/04/10 (Sat)
Had signed up bridal photography last week with a Taiwan base bridal shop at Lok Yew(Saromant Bridal Photography S/B).
We were very satisfied with the bridal package.
The package we signed up included all this :

40 pictures (crystal album v softcopy of this 40 pic)
1 large album, 1 medium and 1 small album
1 poster ( we very like this...^_^)
a signatures silk poster
20 Royal invitation cards
1 bed photo and sidetable photo..

will take all picture outdoor and thinking the place to photoshoot. Photoshooting will start right after we back from shanghai. Wish everthing will go well and smooth..

11/04/10 (Sat)
Bought wedding ring from a hk wholesaler in jewelry exhibition. The ring not exp and we both love the design and his one is more to a simple design ring.
Will take picture of the ring at our actual day. So ya the ring will not disclose now.

Really thanks alot to joyee and zick...this 2 days they werw accompany us all the time..haha
Thanks for the precious times.

Everything seems go smooth and fast. I really feel wanna shift our wedding day to an earlier date but can't becoz of the woohoo year...still ya have to wait until next year after CNY. We had made up mind to register on this year 20 oct. Still have 6 months to go...

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