Saturday, 6 March 2010

Hong Kong / ShenzhenDay 3 & 4

Venue : Golden Bauhinia Square, Aberdeen, Repulse Bay, Shenzhen
Date : 11 -12 Sept 2009 - Friday & Saturday
Time : A Day

Early in da morning, check out from hotel and tour guide came and brought us to visit Golden square, aberdeen and repulse bay then sent us to train station to Shenzhen.

Victoria Harbour again.....but this time is day time...very nice also =D

Jumbo restaurant...a travel mark of HK...the boatman said seafood inside very nice but damm exp...they got selling dim sum inside too ..

The boatman said all this kapal - kapal owned by hong kong rich lei ka sing...jacky chan..and many more..
Repulse bay~

Repulse Bay~
That time was raining....the beach was empty no ppl..
When we arrive and check in at shenzhen hotel its about 6pm already....we shop around the shenzhen most popular shopping place..Dong Men...and dinner there...
This yong chou fried rice very nice....add pedas geh...from shenzhen =D

The food was nice and to HK!
Shenzhen street...

A park...according to coco (tour guide), shenzhen ppl like to come this park and play kite here...

Some interested things we found inside the park....^^ guess it..

This place selling alot ubat lotsa herbs that i never seen was not allow pic..
Ethnic Village...a popular place in shenzhen...we spent almost a day here...watchin 3 shows from noon to night..

First show... it's a story about waring between 2 country...

Second Show....banyak leng lui !! Their clothes really attractive...

Took picture with 2 of the performers..
Last show....a grand show....involved alot performers..

Our tour guide during 2 Days in Shenzhen...=D

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