Saturday, 6 March 2010

Hong Kong Day 2

Date : 10 Sept 2009 - 9 AM - 11PM- Thursday
Venue : Nan Liang Garden, Soho, Lan Kwai Fong, The Peak (Tai Peng Mount.) , Ngap Miu Gai

This garden really nice, 1 of the tourist spot.

Ada lake...

Ada waterfall...

Ada mini windmill..

Ada hutan...

Thursday...that's why the street was ppl mountain ppl sea....i think all place in HK is pack like this during lunch time or working hour .

Dinner at Ngap Miu Street....most cheap food we can find HKD$10 per bowl (Wan tan mee). A normal breakfast already cost at least HKD$ 25....really mahal !

Guess how much? HKD$ 28 !!! ROti Planta + 1 Ribena .....

Inner of cable car..

Front view of cable car...

Many ppl waiting to go up mountain..

Still manage to take 1 picture before enter to cable car ^^

Day View ...i think if night view lagi best...=D

Wind wind wind~

Yep...nombor 3 not yet serious....later will have number 8 signal...

Jay Chou & Big fans
o...i like her =D

Korea superstar

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