Monday, 28 September 2009

Hong Kong Day 1 (Part II)

After an hour rest, we went out again for dinner. It's around 7.30pm, we took cap to Victoria Harbour. We reached harbour at 7.50. We were really damn lucky..every night there will be show on victoria harbour at 8pm sharp.

The main street was so crowded. Can see lotsa tourist hang over here.

Pearl of Victory~
nice view on Victoria Harbour...

Nathan Street on Tsim Sha Tsui

My dinner on that nite...HKD39! It's a damn hot plate, on top of that there's rice, raw meat,corn,some vege , butter and cheese. Need to mix up all ingredient on hot plate together with honey untill all cooked.This dishes was quite new to me and the taste was not bad.

Alan's dinner...also HKD40!!

After dinner was around 10+, we returned to hotel by MTR. There train services was really convenience as almost every place can reach by train.

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