Sunday, 19 July 2009

Had movie with zick, joyee, worm, ginger and nara ytd night. We watched 9.15pm Harry Potter.
Not as excited as the previous but i think still ok for me..looking forward the next episod.

i think my phone spoil soon..the battery was too old for it to work . I was thinking to get iphone3gs ...but quite exp...and if get it here need sign up contract with maxis for 2 yrs. Was planning to get it from phone still working now..will think again when it's really really can't function at all..

Had played The Sims 3 for few weeks. tooked me 1 week to dl this gamez. The file was large, 5gb. The graphic was nice compare to sims 2 and now sims have more function , thy can visit to neighbourhood, drive on their own etc etc. Sims can purchase their books,vege, fish meat by visiting to grocery and select them by type and amount. Sims also can visit to cinema.Besides that when sims growing others computer sims are growing too. Look forward for more expansion. I had took few ss from game.

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