Sunday, 1 November 2009

Eat Make Up Month

Stuff :
- Lancome Oscillation Mascara (Vibrate)
- Skin79 Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream
- Mac Eye Shadow

The lancome mascara come with a eyeliner pencil and eye remover. I'm satisfied v the result as my eye lashes does look curler and the darker.
Just got bb cream from outlet at sg wang.
The price was extreamly expensive compare to online purchase...but i really couldn't wait for it anymore =(

Will be going to SG in Jan'10. 3 days 2 night trip with AA flight. Got 4 of us, me, alan, zicky and joyee. Was waitin for AA release cheap airfare to Shanghai as we got FOC trip include hotel room.

Have company BBQ party on Halloween night in Karen's house locate nearby Look Up Point. Got around 20 ppl attended. All from payment and inv team. =D

Couldn't wait for my iphone...

Exam coming soon....omgosh..

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