Saturday, 2 May 2009

Chow ToFu

Last wed we went to connaught pasar malam. Spent RM70 in just 2 hours. It's not a big amount but in pasar malam wor...i never spent so much in pm before lo.. OMG. We ate lotsa food likes taiwan 'Burger' @@, Tofu bakar, Laksa, LeongShui and Chow Tofu.
This my first time giving a try to Chow Tofu..the smell..u can imagine.. the taste really not bad. The tofu need to eat together with cili sauce, and a sour vege. They will provide the sauce and vege together when u buy4 piece of Tofu. We bought 6 pieces for RM3.80.
Others than that, i bought a book for RM20, a cleaning 'Mist' - it's a product that use to cleaning. It can easily wipe off all dust and oily item. Rm20 for 3.

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