Sunday, 26 October 2008

Aiya...i feel very lazy to update my blog la...just update what recently i did la =D
I bought another puppy name Coco. She a shih tsu breed, almost 3 months old. Grey, white, black and gold colour. We planned to get a wife for lucky and coco is the perfect one~ she supa cuteee, active and smart but she lots more brave than lucky, last time when we put lucky on chair , he not dare to get down but coco much braver than lucky , she dare @@ hope both of them can bring us more cute puppy in lv~

Currently we doing renovation on our room of course this cost us alot 7_7, we renewing 2 monitor to LCD, bought a mattress from getha Qsize(damm comfortable but exp@@), some furniture from IKEA (love their design) and i did shop alot this month 7_7. Jay's new song dam nice and i love all of demmm~ bought the latest album which is limited edition . So exp ler RM120 with 1 cd, 1 dvd, a rubik cube, poster and the album cover made with a special medal box. Unbelievable ! Waiting jay's concert~

I want travel to Taiwan or Hongkong on my next trip...alan promise to bring me go =D i sooo in love with taiwan stuff such as their wearing , hair style and lifestyle !! Aiya, actually i dun care travel to anywhere as long as can release stress. My work now quite stress and my work become even more heavy when exam is coming soon, not yet start my revision !!

Before end let me post some photo here...
*ta dah*

Lao gong & Lao po

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